Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Wash out

I'm sorry to say that today's forecast was accurate ... it was chilly and wet all day.  I made a mad dash out several times to top off the feeders and even huddled in the hide for about an hour.  But otherwise, I've stayed inside.

When I was out topping the feeders this morning, I happened to spot this extremely yellow pine siskin.  Happily, later when I was in the hide, he came to my seed table (only about 4 feet away) which allowed me to get some good shots.  I've never seen a siskin with so much yellow so not sure if it's just an aberration or if he might possibly be the result of cross breeding (with American Goldfinch).  I'll ask a few of my birder friends to see what they think.  And you can see the whole siskin HERE on Flickr

I also discovered that our witch hazel trees are blooming and they make such a lovely perch for the birds.  I've posted a particularly handsome purple finch on witch hazel on Flickr, HERE.

Didn't sleep well last night so I ended up sleeping quite late this morning.  I hate feeling like I've slept away so much of the day.  I hope that maybe some of my stress will subside once the election is finally resolved, however long that may take.  

There is a chance of snow showers tomorrow so I'm going to leave the hide up tonight, just in case.  You know I can't ever really resist birds-in-snow pics.  

Stay safe, people.  We've all got covid fatigue, but this isn't the time to let our guard down.


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