By amandoAlentejo

Lisbon Light

Entire day in Lisbon, but nothing fun and no time for photos, so this was bumping across the Vasco da Gama bridge on the way home just as it was getting dark. The light on the Tagus is always so beautiful, and one of the great frustrations of my life is not being allowed to stop on the bridge to get a decent photo. That's one of the arches of the 25 de Abril bridge in the middle, the Cristo Rei monument on the south bank, and the dome of the Estrela Basilica on the right.

Bought a staircase at Leroy Merlin for the mezzanine in the other room, three chests of drawers from IKEA to be built into storage in this room, and more time trying to unblock my iPhone, without success.

And then to Évora, to take AJ and J for a farewell meal - they are going back to the Netherlands, shame, but good they are going to an exciting project in Amsterdam.

- as ever, Mike's driving and being kept safe on the roads
- more progress on getting this place sorted
- the friendship with AJ and J, from the day we first arrived almost five years ago, and stayed with them for our first week, even though they'd only just moved in themselves

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