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A walk by Haltwhistle Burn

This afternoon, I drove to Haltwhistle and saw Maureen for the first time since her dramatic collapse and time in hospital with a subarachnoid haemorrhage. She has been home for two weeks and is doing remarkably well. (Like most of her friends, I think she is trying to do too much to soon, but that's Maureen for you.)

We had a walk from her home in the centre of Haltwhistle on the path by the Haltwhistle Burn. It's always lovely there and the autumn colours are particularly nice. We had good weather for our walk.

We made it to the Fell Chimney, a remnant of coal mining in this area. In fact the Burn was once a place of great activity with a variety of different industries. You can hardly imagine that now.

Back at home there was a "disaster"! When I saw my beautiful pumpkin this morning (see yesterday's blip) the face was falling in. The pumpkin was decaying. I looked up on line to discover that I should have soaked it in a dilute solution of bleach to prevent this from happening. I wondered if I could prop it up for tomorrow, but by this afternoon it had suffered further collapse and was covered in long white strands of mould. Flies had gathered. (Where on earth did they appear from?!)

It's been a steep learning curve!! (Yes, it is in the bin.)

Tonight we watched a Kaffe Fassett lecture which was part of a Festival of Quilts. I was able to put it on the TV which helped a lot. His love of vibrant colours is undimmed by his years. 

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