By Tryfan46

Gingko butterfly

Firstly, Susan wishes to thank you all for your much appreciated comments on her latest painting. She is overwhelmed by your generosity and by the number of favourites. I will get around to responding to all who awarded her painting a heart. I just took the photo, her work earned the credit.

I’m also heartened by all the positive support for my journal entry. Your views echo those of so many people who share our concerns. I’m at a loss as to how to make a difference other than campaigning where we can and doing all we can in our own lives to limit our impact on the world. We both get so frustrated by our impotence; there’s so much that can be done, so much that is being done by like minded people and organisations but all the time there’s a feeling of being faced by a brick wall. We can only hope we haven’t past the point of no return.

Today, a little less intense. Something to help celebrate the beauty of this world rather than it’s more ugly side. A blipper I follow posted a Gingko tree recently I which I commented that I thought we had one in Mote Park. And indeed we do. And it’s at its best at the moment. This shot is enhanced by the presence of a tiny spider. Another shot had a lacewing hiding in the decaying leaves.

Doesn’t this have the look of a butterfly? I love the radiating lines too. I learned that the Ginkgo have been around for millions of years and this particular species is the only one left now. It is reputed to have medicinal purposes although there is little evidence to support these assertions.

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