White horse on Ponsonby Road

Today was a very varied day. Started with a quick trip to the supermarket for a few essentials before meeting my nephew and his partner for coffee and a chat. They came from the North Shore, by way of the upper harbour crossing as the Harbour Bridge was being used by runners in the annual Auckland Marathon. 

After lunch S and I went west to atend an open home of a new build house. The paint so recently applied that the smell of new paint was strong. A very large percentage of the ground is coered by the house. Informative to see wat is being offered for sale. 

Then a visit to daughter C, mother of Young L who has gone on a school trip for a tramp in the Nelson Lakes area. Mr H was visiting a friend. Saffy (the dog) initially greeted me with loud barking before wanting to lick me.

Came back and I went for a walk part way along Ponsonby Road to a bank to use the ATM. On which walk I saw a white horse outside a restaurant. It did ignore me and all other passers by. Later I was able to get the best photo of a starling I've managed this year (posted as an extra). The KP is very easy to use.

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