Tired out

Despite being so tired last night I couldn’t stay awake beyond 9pm, I slept poorly and woke with a stinking headache.

Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast helped a little - I will admit to giving just a little taste to the puppy - and I felt a little less tired!

Sorted out a shopping list and sent the others off to the supermarket whilst I dog sat (easy job as he slept most of the time they were away!!)

As we’ve bubbled with my friend Susan who lives alone I collected her kid afternoon and brought her back to ours for dinner. We had some fizzy wine ( well it was Sunday!!) before a roast chicken dinner and then a bit more wine before Mr PHL drive her home and I tidied the dishes.

Phin was an angel and didn’t bite (much) and mostly loved the extra attention .

I’m very grateful that I finished my charity challenge yesterday as I couldn’t have walked anywhere today! £775 raised by my wonderful sponsors with over £240K raised in total. I’m so pleased albeit knackered!

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