By hazelh

Bay leaf giveaway

It seemed a shame to put our bay leaf clippings from yesterday into the compost, so this morning I invited neighbours and passers-by to help themselves to a branch or two. I hope that they will dry the bay leaves at home and use them in their cooking (as we do).

I've largely managed to avoid work today - I just did a little email this morning - and instead mainly pottered about the place catching up on domestic tasks. This included putting away my summer clothes and taking out my winter wardrobe. As was the case in June, I haven't bothered taking any smart work clothes out of storage because it is highly unlikely that I will need them in the foreseeable future.

I ran well this morning with a new season PB for 5k. I also enjoyed some time sweeping leaves in the back garden this afternoon.

Tonight my book group is meeting on Zoom. We're discussing Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart. I predict approval. Meanwhile Mr hazelh will be participating in his boys' book beer group. I'll be in the study, and he at the kitchen table (with close access to the beer supply in the fridge!)

Exercise today: 5k run, a bit of gardening.

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