By WharfedaleBex

Awesome sky

Fog is as fickle as Goldilocks and her porridge. It wasn't quite right for a cloud inversion but it was only a few metres out.  Little Dog clearly realised yesterday that she'd be having a big walk today so her rest up was a good idea.  We headed up to the stone circle to find a patch of blue sky and a glimmer of sunshine before heading back home.  

I could have whiled away the afternoon but after dropping A&G's shopping off, the sky looked like it was clearing and I built myself up to get outdoors again after lunch.  The contrast in warmth when I set  off to cooling air as I descended Norwood Edge summed up this time of year perfectly.  

The sky seemed to reflect that.  OMG, the sky!  

Frost and icicles were spreading across the blue window above.  It was pretty and impressive.  I wasn't too hasty with my pedal speed - my legs were tired from Wednesday and it was just lovely to be out admiring the countryside, hopping on and off my bike.

(Switched to colour)

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