What a gloriously beautiful day it was today! I had invited a friend over for lunch - the last day before lockdown that we can meet indoors, but then I remembered that my cleaning lady was coming today at lunchtime. So we decided to go for a walk instead and have a picnic. We went to Maidenhead Thicket - National Trust land - and had a short walk through the trees. There’s an open part with a picnic table in the sun. Thankfully no one else was there. I brought 2 flasks of chilli and we shared a sandwich. It was beautifully warm in the sun - a perfect spot.

During our walk I found these beautiful toadstools. There were lots of other fungi but I rarely see these so I was very excited!  

We had to say goodbye, but I was eager to stay outside so I did another walk, this time a loop around Pinkneys Green which was also right by where we parked. I reluctantly went home, but then I spent a couple of hours in my garden until it was almost dark. I got a huge dose of vitamin D today!

I finished my puzzle last night. That took me about a week - fast for me, working on my own. I’m not the fastest puzzler, but I’m enjoying the challenge more and more. See Extra photo. 2 pieces missing!

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