Did not sleep well. Paracetamol was required in the middle of the night but I did hear President Elect Biden's speech.

Then, once morning had arrived, cycled, swam, avoided the rain and then after 2 minutes silence joined Y next door for coffee and wonderful flourless chocolate cake at The Secret Herb Garden. It was very busy with folk having lunch. Of course, I was breaking the advisories, 2 miles into Midlothian.

Came home, via buying birdfood at Mortonhall, to finish yesterday's projects.

Then another long call to Centrica Hive. A long sorry customer misservice saga that involves a reluctance, refusal, to give adequate recompense, though Daniel (wfh in Greenock) is now admitting I was missold. It must have cost them more than on time than the £150 I'm claiming. When I contrast that with the way I was dealt with by B of S who offered compensation rather than fighting about it, well, and banks get a bad name. However Daniel is off to see if the offer of £60 they overcharged me (that I didn't even know if been overcharged) and 2 energy saving light bulbs I probably couldn't use can be bettered. Hrs calling back on Monday. Watch this space.

These calls are exhausting. I'm exhausted. Not doing anything tonight.

F2F - 8
Phone calls - 2
Virtual - 0

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