Capital adventures

By marchmont


Cycle, swim, cycle, laundry (hung out in the sun) then watching Willow have a draft half hour. At one point she was trying to climb the wall.

Then I got dressed up for lunch at Prestonfield. It is such a novelty to wear real clothes. It was out 3rd attempt to get this date, mum, J and D. As usual Prestonfield was impeccable. The menu was unchanged from August but no worse for that. It was 4 and the gloaming was coming down as we left, stables, peacocks, hielan' coos - you wouldn't know you were in a city.

Dropped mum home and fixed the TV - again and then quick trip home to take the glasses to Specsavers. In the car at 5 p.m. and the news we've been waiting for, the US networks have called out for Biden. Relief that the US will have a presidential President for the next 4 years and a female Veep. Nae bad.

An evening at home beckons with a photobook to make. No food though but maybe a small libation to celebrate.

F2F - 14 (a busy day)
Phone calls - 0
Virtual -0

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