By chantler63

Light Whirl

A wet and windy day. I was glad that I decided to take Pepper out early, as the weather only got worse as the day went on. I had lots of photography odds and ends to get done today so keen to get started.

I was watching an Olympus Live session with Gavin Hoey presenting Spirals; he is so entertaining. The first part was suspending a torch and turning it into a spirograph so later I had a quick try but the right level of suspension is important - I was bodging it. What I was really interested in is the Droste effect but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I eventually completed (mostly to my satisfaction) my entry for Light, which is the themed element of our next club competition. I chose to pose John in front of the fire with only the flames as the light source. Tricky to keep everything in balance including him posing - he needed to be close to the light source but that was hot! We got there. Entries now done - a whole day ahead of the deadline.

Now to get on with the baby photos from Thursday.

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