Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Not From Concentrate

I took this when I got home from the emergency room last night. Reaching for something to drink was the first order of business.
Did I mention that I ended up in the ER on Saturday?  I had been experiencing pain and pressure in the center of my chest and between my shoulder blades for at least a week. It came and went and I thought about calling for help more than once. I was really tired the night before and slept about 16 hours. When I got out of bed the pain became intense so I called for the ambulance.

Good news. I had numerous tests. My heart is fine and there wasn’t a pulmonary embolism. Possibilities for the source include some inflammation (without any infection) in my lower left lung or strained rib muscles. But really, no idea. Here’s the stupidest thing I have ever been told: whatever you did to cause this, stop doing. DUH. I would if you could tell me what it is.

Anyway, I’m okay. Heating pad is helping along with Tylenol. I didn’t get a sliver of sleep so at the moment I am really tired. I am definitely the talk of the neighborhood.

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