I took a photo of my breakfast to post on the Facebook page of my slimming group but as I have taken no other photos today its going to have to be my blip as well.  This is a sweet omelette with cherries and yoghurt.  The cherries were defrosted frozen ones and the yogurt was salted caramel flavour.

Musical link  CHERRY RED- by The Bee Gees

I've had another lazy day indoors.  Did a bit of housework but not as much as I wanted to as my back started aching.  So back to the sofa with the TV on.  ( and the heating as it was a bit chilly ).

I did do an online supermarket order.  Tried Tesco and Asda first but they had no slots available for the week ahead (  Tesco did have one slot for tomorrow at 11pm which I decided to reject.... someone else can have that one! ) I ended up going with Morrisons who can deliver on Tuesday evening.

Neil did his15 miles.( A friend accompanied him for the middle 5 miles.... socially distanced of course)   As you can imagine he's finding it tough.  He's at the half way point of the month -  - and the worst is to come. But Im sure he will keep plugging away

Steps today - 2,536

CORONA CLASSIC - Sakura Sakura - Japanese Folk Song (Cherry Blossoms )

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