By carliewired

A Floral Treat

Some lovely blossoms
and a bit of greenery -
Just what I needed! 

~ carliewired

It's mild but grey and dreary today.

I spent the morning making a mask for a teaching friend who really doesn't have time for any of this.I made her a copy of the pattern I've used and I've added a couple of clear plastic visors into a bag for her. The visors came to me in a roundabout fashion and I sure she can make good use of them. 

G is a long-time friend and a quilter. I worry about her every day as she tells me that the protocols that were promised for schools aren't always in place. Sometimes cleaning supplies are in short supply or missing. Teachers are buying their own to make up for it. She says she spends more time cleaning than she does teaching. 

At lunch I ran some errands. We've been promised some snow in our forecast so I'd like to be able to stay home if it arrives. I made a brief stop at the post office. I dropped off G's bag at her house. It just fit into her mailbox.

My last stop was the grocery store. I picked up some basics to tide me over. I spied a lovely bouquet in the produce section that just had to come home with me. It will be months until I see any colour in my garden again. I will enjoy this bouquet!  

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