Winter Comes Knocking

Our first flurry of
snow arrived this morning just
to add interest

~ carliewired

We are hearing more today about some harrowing escapes during our weekend of tulmultuous weather and its results. The tailend of the storm skirted over us last evening. My house rattled and my trees thrashed. Then all was quiet before morning. 

I arrived at my grocer's at 7:30. When I came out to my truck 40 minutes later, it was snowing. It wet the pavement and melted immediately. It was already 1 C. I drove off to my favourite spot along Schubert Drive so I might see something of this snow. Before I got there, I had to pull over and clear my windows inside. They steamed up so I could not see through them. 

We are promised a clear day with a high of 4 C. There's already some blue sky appearing. I prowled around the lookout on Schubert Drive looking at the vestiges of snow about. The bedraggled sunflowers have held on. The ducks were looking for food along the shore line. One gull stood in the shallows watching the ducks foraging. The snow clung to rocks, sandbars and vegetation. It won't last long. 

As I was sorting out my groceries in my kitchen, I texted my daughter to advise her to get her groceries topped up today. All our major supply routes have been disrupted due to the calamaties of our weather. Already I was noticing some items were missing or greatly reduced in choice in my grocery store this morning. We have no idea when things will return to normal. 

I'm home looking forward to some sunshine. I treated myself to a panettone which will go down well with my coffee this morning. 

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