By carliewired

Ducks and Deer

There's ice on the slough
this morning. It's creating 
a challenge for ducks! 

~ carliewired

The colour in advance of sunrise was worth a frosty, slippery trek across my deck before 7 AM. It was -4C and looked like a sunny day was coming on. I decided I should wait to venture out. I used my time to shop online for quilting fabric. It was 11 AM before I left the house. 

McArthur Island seemed like a good place to go. I was curious to see what a few degrees of frost would look like there. I started at the foot bridge, noting the ice on the slough and how all the mallards had congregated in one space under the bridge. I guess duck feet aren't meant for ice climbing. They seemed to have some difficulty getting onto the slippery ledge of the skin of ice, so they just avoided it.  They made definite maneuvers so they wouldn't fly onto it. I imagine coming to a skidding stop isn't the best either. It was interesting watching the mob of them dealing with ice.

I moved onto the south end of the park close to the disc golf course. As soon as I stepped out of the truck I could see deer walking through the trees to the west. The disc golf course provides them with cover and with lots of vegetation. It seemed a very natural place for them. I watched them browse between the large willow trees. There were several deer that kept within close range of each other. They were always on the alert. With my telephoto I can give them their space and not intrude. They can safely ignore me. 

My fingers were getting cold by the time I returned to the truck. 

I was home before lunch and in for the day with the radio on. Our city's mayor was chiding people for hoarding, now that our supply lines have been disconnected.  Apparently, some grocery store shelves have been emptied and our mayor does not want us to panic. The flooding at the coast has brought the conversation around to some of our forestry practices in this province. Some would point the finger at the clearcuts we see in all too many locations. The forest has a huge capacity to absorb and maintain water. We're interferring with that. 

Our forecast is for a high of 1 C today with mainly cloudy skies. 

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