When the snow lands on 
my deck, it is official - 
my winter begins! 

~ carliewired

I was up having a look at the horizon before 7. I could see a grey outline of my mountains but no promise of a sunrise with colour. I went back to bed. 

At 7:30 I was up again. By this time the visibility was greatly reduced. The mountains were no longer visible at all. Snow began to drift down. 
I made a pot of coffee and was determined to wait until after the morning rush to go out with my camera. The first snowfall in town is risky. People forget how to drive and the hills are often unsanded. It seems to take some time for people to adjust, even city workers! 

I left just after 9, being very careful on the hills. I drove very slowly to the south end of Schubert Drive. It's usually a quiet area and I can always find somewhere to park. It was -1 C, that dangerous point for driving. Snow was accumulating and sticking to everything. I walked along the Rivers Trail. I could barely see down to the river. The dog walker trails down to the river were snow covered. The city to the south was invisible. I kept my camera tucked inside my jacket for the most part. This is not a good day for photography. I don't find winter very appealing even in sunshine. 

I came home to shovel off my driveway and make another pot of coffee. I will have to go out in the afternoon for an appointment and I might treat myself to a trip to the quilt store while I'm out. 

We can expect a high of 2 C today, so this snow may be gone soon. Freezing overnight will create new hazards for tomorrow.

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