The Sun is Coming!

A dismal start for
sure, but clearing in the west
offers me some hope

~ carliewired

I was looking out at 6:45 at my mountains. All was grey and overcast. We'd been given a forecast of a mostly sunny day but it was going to have to try a lot harder! 

I made my coffee and had my eggs and I waited. I'm not long on patience, especially when I have something of a time crunch. I decided to head off to Riverside Park at 8:30. I'd seen by my security cameras that the city had cleared through my cul de sac about 1:30 AM. That was a surprisingly quick response to our dump of snow yesterday. Our cul de sac usually waits for days! I had to remove the furrow they'd left across my driveway but I was on my way quickly. 

I'd read in our local news that Riverside Park is about to undergo a refit to the tune of $5 million +. Work is set to begin on Monday so I thought some 'before' pictures might be handy. There will be changes to the waterpark, the concession, the washrooms, the walkway, the lighting and the garbage cans. The buildings are all of cheap cement bricks and no architectural wonders. I will miss the murals they hold. I am quite surprised that the garbage cans currently are not bear-proof. The city sets out to property owners that they cannot put garbage out for collection before 4 AM due to bear concerns. Yet, here they are providing just that- bear attractions! Yes. Change is due! 

I'm hoping that pier will still be accessible to me during this refit. It is my best access to the river here. I can watch the waterfowl throughout the winter there. Today, three herons were on the far shore. Canada geese were everywhere and leaving their large footprints in the snow. 

At 10:30, sunshine is now pouring into my house. What a relief from the dreariness and grey! The temperature is currently -2 C and we can hope for a high of 3 C with a mix of sun and cloud. I'm hoping more of that snow will disappear today. I can do without it!

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