By carliewired

Rivers Trail - North Shore

Wet and mild weather
has continued, but we may
see the sun this week! 

~ carliewired

The Pineapple Express, a wet outflow from the Hawaiian region, has battered our province throughout the weekend. There is flooding,  mudslides and power outages in the southern part of the province. About 100 people were caught in their cars overnight as they were between mudslides on a major highway. Snow arrived in generous measure on higher elevations. With the warm temperatures, it has melted quickly creating havoc. Highways have been closed. 

It was 6 C and mostly cloudy when I took my first photo from my deck at 8 AM. Here in the bottom of the Thompson Valleys, it's been damp and mild. The snow that dusted our area has melted away already. 

I had a brief walk along the Rivers Trail beside Schubert Drive. All looks grey and overcast. If it weren't for the leaves and the rosehips there would be no colour at all. There are lots of puddles along the trail. 

Driving home from my daughter's last evening, I was surprised to see so many Christmas displays already lit up in my neighbourhood. I was thinking I should get my lights up and ready, although mine are strictly indoors. 

I'm home today keeping myself busy. We have an expected high today of 10 C with periods of rain. We have the hope of improved weather over the next couple of days. 

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