By hazelh

Strawberries and bare trees

I'm not so keen on these troughs, inherited alongside the lovely ceramic pot that I blipped last Saturday. Had they been more handsome, I may have kept them in the yarden. Instead they are lodging at the back of the house until Paddy reclaims them.

Today I continued work on the same task as yesterday. I haven't managed to finish it today after all. Who would have thought that a 5-page document would be so difficult to complete? The main problem is that I need some additional information from other people to polish it off. So I won't meet Friday's 'soft' interim deadline. Instead I have sent an email of explanation to my colleagues expressing confidence that I will have everything done in time for 'real' deadline next month.

I took a break at lunchtime for a quick cycle down to Porty and back. It was rather windy. This made for a difficult return journey.

Exercise today: 11 mile bike ride.

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