By hazelh


When we drove past this Bruntsfield shop and its OTT Christmas decorations on our route out of town on Sunday, I made a note to return and photograph it for my blip journal. Since it's very close to my office I was able to do so today when I spent the afternoon on campus!

The reason for travelling into work today was to welcome a visitor. A colleague from Newcastle came to work with David B on revisions to a co-authored journal article, and then deliver a presentation to the whole research group. During the research seminar, I sat in the classroom with other members of a 3D audience, and the rest joined in online.

While on campus I also held three meetings, two of which were face-to-face PhD supervisions in my office. It was strange to be working in a room full of the Pompeii-like evidence of March 2020, e.g. whiteboards covered in plans for five PhDs that have now all been completed. In a funny way think that I would like to leave everything in this state until I am back at work 'properly'.

After the seminar all but one of us headed to a bar near Waverley to have a drink with our speaker. When he left to catch his train south, six of us then wandered down to Holyrood 9a for a fun meal out together. It's been a great evening.

Exercise today: walking (15,302 steps).

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