An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola dropped the ball...

Quite literally.  

Playing in the water, ball in mouth, got distracted, dropped ball and that's the last it was seen.  Silly girl :-)  She does love playing in the ice cold water, and this is why David thinks I am mad for insisting he washes her down with warm water when she gets home!

In other news, as part of an effort to tackle my insomnia, I am bringing bedtime forward so last night instead of lights out at 4am, it was lights out at 2am.  Miraculously I slept till the alarm went off a 7am.  Result! :-))   Tonight I plan to put lights out at midnight and see how many hours I get tonight.  Up early for Wednesday hydrotherapy.  I'm enjoying the new routine (says she only two days in!  lol) 

The fire pit, Sherpa fleece blankets, hand warmers and hot water bottles have arrived (ordered the fire pit in the nick of time as it's now out of stock!) so we are ready for outdoor entertaining just as soon as restrictions allow.   With Nicola's announcement today that half of Scotland is now in full lockdown till at least 11th December, outside entertaining is unlikely to be any time soon!  

Some Scottish local authorities have come down a level but our authority (Perth and Kinross) remains in level 3.  I hope, for everyone's sake, the restrictions in place all over the UK allow at least some family together time over the Christmas holidays.

Enjoyed GBBO.  Really hope the Edinburgh lad Peter wins.  I took an immediate dislike to Dave the very first week which is not like me at all, but it was instant!  Can't explain why.  It's very odd.  I'm sure he's lovely in real life!  lol  Laura is lovely but has got thought almost every episode by the skin of her teeth so don't think she deserves to win.  A week to wait to find out! 

Ok, almost bedtime...race is on to catch up with as many as you as possible!  Wish me luck!  :-))

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