An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Nice weather for ducks...

Didn't get to my bed as early as planned last night as I ended up going over my Christmas list and having a eureka moment about things to make as stocking fillers and got engrossed in planning that!  When I did get to bed I slept until the alarm went off at 7.30am so that was a good result.

I was in the pool just after 8.00am but not alone.  The little duckies kept me company :-)) 

I felt a bit stiffer than I did on Monday but I'm taking that as a sign that Monday's physio programme has had an effect.  It's amazing how quickly the warm water eases the joints though, and after a programme of stretches, pool walking and water aerobics, I felt much better.

David had a productive morning on the phone talking to a very lovely lady called Megan at Sky in Livingston, going over all the issues we are having with our current system.  After much discussion and help from her we are getting our whole sky package updated; two new Sky Q boxes and a new router for £50 a month less than we currently pay!  Woo hoo!

He also ordered our Christmas tree from the farm up the road and it arrives on 28th of November.  Again...woo hoo!  :-))

Between that and me making three Christmas pressies, I feel we've had a fairly productive day.

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