An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Tasty heart...

David was up extra early this morning as R was collecting Lola at 7.30am. She will have a wee holiday with R till D comes back on Sunday.  R's place is her second home and she loves staying there.

D left just before 9am to head off on his annual trip to the Lake District.  He and Keith were going straight to Silloth Golf Club then meeting up with the rest of the gang at the holiday house in Coniston.

Bit of a busy day here.  Man was here to do the annual check of Alan's hoists and the slings.  One sling failed the test due to wear and tear but we expected that and had a new one on standby.  

He was just leaving when another man arrived to do the six monthly check on Alan's bed.  One of the guard rails had been causing a problem and he was able to fix that, so that's all sorted for another six months. 

I've had a crochet-centric day again.  Managed to finish joining all of the squares on Anna's blanket.  No idea how I did it (well I assume it was not paying attention) but I managed to join one of the squares the wrong way round and didn't notice till after it was joined on all sides so had to spend time un-picking that and re-joining it.  Annoying but at least it's fixed.  

David messaged me to say he'd had a great round of golf at Silloth and he was now in a lovely restaurant with the rest of the gang awaiting a delicious dinner.  His message arrived as I was about to eat a bowl of muesli as I just couldn't be bothered cooking a meal just for me.  

I did manage to make a cuppa though and enjoy an Empire biscuit that Rachel brought on Tuesday.  That was worth the effort ;-)))

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