By Teasel

Black Earth Tongues

We had a grumpy BB to contend with.  He had rugby fitness training before school, but was dragging his heels about going for some reason.  He went reluctantly and was dropped off at the door by TT who then headed off to work.  Meanwhile I had escaped the stress and headed out for a walk, and almost forgot that I had to get back home for work. I had another busy and quite stressful day where my in box was out of control, yet I was missing a few things that I should have been copied into.  I was so glad to log off at the end of the day.
I did manage a quick lunchtime walk, and then after work I popped out for twenty minutes fresh air and remembered I hadn’t contacted a colleague about something I need first thing tomorrow morning, so I walked back home texting her.
Once home I had an exceptionally long phone call with my brother about some family stuff.  By the time I fell into my bed I could barely keep my eyes open.
We had good news today.  Assuming things go well we will move into level 2 next Tuesday.  I do feel sorry for those going into level 4.
These have appeared in our front lawn. After a bit of googling  I believe they are black earth tongues -  see extra too..

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