Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

New Lock Screen

I’m still getting my main laptop squared away but finally getting to the smaller details. Selecting my desktop and Lock Screen photos were on today’s to-do list. This is the photo I see every night as I get into bed. It always makes me smile. There’s nothing that will make me happier every time I log on.

One local restaurant is going to be open on Thanksgiving Day. I ordered curbside pickup of a Turkey dinner. I also ordered a pumpkin pie from Mountain View Cafe and Bakery, which I will pick up Wednesday.

*There’s a local run on toilet paper
*The AZ Rep Party filed a lawsuit asking for a recount in metro Phoenix by precinct. It was thrown out because voting wasn’t by precinct
*I put up the suet log tonight. Will be anxious to see who goes for it in the morning
*Need a gift idea for SIL (retired librarian supervisor, French lit major, studied overseas, lives in Reno, slightly older than me and super awesome)
*Watching new season of The Crown. Gonna pace myself. Also, finished Shitts Creek. Well done, CBC.
*Avoiding all news because there are only two stories: Covid and Bloated Orange Baby
*Why the heck are there still so many people not wearing masks? I bet they’re the ones buying all the toilet paper.

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