There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

In Which LGK Comes To Visit

When the weather turns cooler, we often have a little visitor: the neighbors' kitty, Stryker, commonly known by us as LGK (Little Gray Kitty). It was a lovely sunny day, and we were on alert, waiting for the iPad my husband had ordered last weekend to arrive, so we were home for the day. It requires a signature so we had to be there - and no, it did not arrive on this day, NOR the next day!

I was reading my book, when LGK walked right up to me and jumped in my lap. He only spent a few minutes there, but I petted him and enjoyed his company. LGK has been by a few times in the past couple of weeks to visit, and it has been such a comfort to my husband. But this day was the first I have touched a cat in the three weeks since Dexter died.

Then LGK headed up onto the front porch, where he curled up in an old jacket my husband leaves there for him, took a long bath, and went to sleep. I snapped a few photos of him before he passed out. Yes, he looks like he lives here, but this is NOT our cat!  :-)

Our soundtrack song is this one: James Taylor, with You've Got a Friend.

Added later . . . I have commented this to several friends who enjoyed this posting: LGK had not visited us for weeks and weeks, but he showed up again on the morning that we buried Dexter. I guess we can add him to the Comfort Squad!

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