There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Empty Spaces

I had a couple of documents I wanted to print, and some files I wanted to grab at the office. So it was time to visit my workplace, which feels very strange indeed. I took some boxes along so that I could bring home more of my stuff. It's very weird: I won't be working in this office ever again, as I'll be retiring at the year's end, and Covid times still have us working remotely.

My Mazda went down in the middle of October. The steering fluid leaked out and it made a horrible sound when we started it up for me to go to one of my (many) dental appointments, and I ended up having to take a different car. My husband worked on it recently, placing a hose and some clamps over the leak, and then refilling the fluid. This was the day for us to see if the repair would hold.

So I drove my Mazda, and he drove behind me in the Impala, and we went to my office. I am happy to report that the car did just fine! From there, he went and ran errands while I did some things in my office. When we were both done with our tasks, he followed me home.

Above is a photo of my nearly empty office: my final office at Penn State. I was only in it for about a year (actually, LESS than that; I moved in to this office in mid-November 2019, and Covid sent us home in mid-March 2020). This photo was taken BEFORE I removed a bunch of stuff, including my microwave that you see under the desk. And then we drove home and I unpacked my stuff into Dexter's room, where I am hoping to set up a little home office at some point.

Here's a song for this image: Billy Joel, with Movin' Out.

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