Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a nice lazy day indoors.  I recently bought a heated throw so I tried that out this afternoon whilst sitting on the sofa.  It was great and kept me so warm and cosy that I nodded off for a while. 

I was stumped for a blip so chose Tino as he was a handy subject.  When the central heating is on I usually find him in his radiator bed.  

Musical link  Parlami d'amore mariu  - By TINO Rossi  ( English translation - Speak to me of love Maria)

22 miles for Neil today.  The friend who did 5 miles with him last Sunday turned out again today and did the middle 7 miles or so.  After his run Neil had a nap and then he went out again for a 3 mile walk with his girlfriend. His JustGiving fund has jumped up again since yesterday and stands at £1031. ( his original target was £465 )

Steps today - 2,122

CORONA CLASSIC - Pavlo - Never On Sunday

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