By KatesGardenPDX

Cold and Gray

But a lovely day nonetheless. I had good walk, followed by Zumba class - always raises my spirits! The afternoon has been full of botanical garden meetings...with another big team meeting starting in 18 minutes :-)  So I thought I'd best get this posted now. Who knows how long it will go on!

I always look for blips while I'm walking, and this time I ended up in my own garden. I love the remains of Chinese Lanterns - Physalis alkekengi.  They have many other common names (Japanese Lanterns, Bladder Cherry, Ground Cherry to name a few) but you'll know them as the orange lanterns that appear in September-ish. All parts of this plant are poisonous and it's quite aggressive, at least here in temperate western Oregon. But a fun plant if you can keep it contained and away from those that might eat it. 

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and stars on yesterday's rose! I'll try to view journals tonight but it might be tomorrow :-)  Gotta go!

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