By carliewired

All Done!

Three for the kitchen, 
stainless steel and shiny bright,
a new look for me!

~ carliewired

Yesterday, the refrigerator and the dishwasher were installed by the appliance store. They wheeled out the old ones and slid in the new ones. They left the stovetop in its cardboard box as they don't have an electrician on hand. They told me they would take the appliances to the city landfill for crushing and recycling. 

Today, N came with his power tools to set up and connect the stovetop. He pried out the old one to find that the new one was just a tad too big for the hole already provided. He worked away with a slender handsaw to remove a slice of wood on one side of the hole.He took a grinding tool to remove a bit of the quartz countertop. Voila! Everything fit. Wiring was connected. The power was back on. The stove works!! 

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