Views from the North Shore

I waited for some
more light and a brighter day.
It came in slowly.

~ carliewired

As usual, I was up in the dark, this time making myself some crepes to go with my coffee. The wind was whipping around my house making my wind chimes on the deck play a symphony. I could see the temperature was much warmer today. It was 5 C at 7 AM and hadn't frozen overnight. It was grey and grim to the east, so I took myself back to bed. There would be no sunrise today. 

I was up and out the door just after 9. The sky looked so much better and there were rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds. I drove to the south end of Schubert Drive so I could see across the North Thompson River and maybe get a look at Riverside Park where construction should be underway. 

I parked beside the Rivers Trail to walk down through the trails to the edge of the river. My first encounter was with a very large white dog that was bounding around the river shore. He poked his head above the bank and spotted me instantly. He galloped up to me nearly knocking me off my feet. He wasn't aggressive. He just had no manners. I kept walking to the river in hopes of locating an owner. There he was standing on the shore ignoring me completely and calling to his dog to 'find the stick'. I said 'Good morning'. No reply. I said ' Your dog is very energetic.' No reply. The dog jumped on me for a second time while the owner did nothing and I held my camera up so the dog would not go for it. The dog wasn't getting the right response from me so he leaped back down to the shore line and was soon gone. I got one fleeting picture of it. I am not afraid of dogs, but I feel sorry for the ones who have stupid owners. The dogs will bear the brunt when they get into trouble, as could have happened with me this morning. This owner was in the senior category, so, to my mind, has no excuse for being stupid. 

I moved further down the pathway. I got a good view of my mountains with some blue sky above. I was surprised to see the steeple of the little St. Joseph's Church across the river. I didn't know it could be seen from this location. It must be visible because the trees are bare. I looked across the river to the downtown where I could see something of Riverside Park. I see there's now an orange fence around the area of re-development. I could hear equipment working and see some lights flashing there. I will need to have a look on Sunday when the workers are gone. 

I will get the assistance of my daughter to do some recycling today. I have quite a collection now. It will be good to see it gone. 

I'm hearing that the coast can expect three Pacific storms to move in over the next week. No doubt we will see and feel at least some of it. After all the mudslides and flooding recently, they are really bracing themselves. 

We have a forecast of a mainly cloudy day with a high of 10 C. 

St. Joseph's Church (previous blip) -

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