By carliewired

A Murder of Crows

A dash of pre-dawn
colour got my hopes up at
seven - all was lost!

~ carliewired

I had emptied the coffee pot before 6, then waited to see what might appear in the east. It did look hopeful when peach and pink streaked the sky. My hopes were soon dashed when a large bank of cloud slid in over the valley to block any sunrise. 

I waited until after 9 to leave the house. It was -3 C and looking rather grey and uninteresting. I drove off to Vantage Point for a look at the Thompson River and to walk the Rivers Trail. 

The trees are now bare and the colour has all been drained from the landscape. A fellow walked past me carrying his coffee cup. He was moving much faster and soon I saw that he had scrambled down over the riprap and onto the beach for his solitary walk.

Today, crows were most evident along the river. I never thought of crows as fishers, but there must be something of interest to them there. They were active but rather quiet. 

It was a very chilly walk this morning. I had my toque pulled down over my ears. I stuffed my camera inside my jacket on the way back to keep it warm. I was grateful to get back inside the truck and be on my way. 

Our forecast indicates a chance of flurries this afternoon and a high of 3 C. It is a perfect day to be inside and that's where I'll stay. 

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