The South Side of the Park

There was just a hint
of colour to encourage
me to get outside

~ carliewired

After midnight I heard the call of the Great Horned Owl. It was right up on top of my roof. It's the first time I've ever heard one around my house in all the years I've lived here. (I hear them around my Arizona house during the winter quite often after dark.) I listened to it call repeatedly until I fell asleep. 

This morning, the sky and the weatherman offered some promise of a good day. I headed out to do a few errands just before 9. It was 2 C and mainly cloudy but with great prospects for a sunny day.  I hoped, if I was patient, the clouds would burn off by the time I was ready to walk the Rivers Trail on McArthur Island. It worked! 

I parked on the south side of the island and walked part of the Rivers Trail and a piece of the disc golf course. Blue sky emerged and the sun poured in during my walk. There were no deer this morning, just their footprints. The willows are still in their gold, unlike the other trees that are bare. One mountain ash was loaded with red berries. The Canada geese take up most of the south side of the island plus the river shore there. They were in great number and making a lot of racket, especially at take-off. I walked around the new playground which was unused today. It was just recently installed and I have to wonder what the price tag was. It was long overdue. Hopefully, it will be in great demand come fair weather. I took a shot across the playing fields at my mountains to the east, then headed home. 

The forecast offers a high of 10 C and a sunny day. It doesn't get any better than that in late November. 

I'm home today, as usual. A pan of meatballs would be dandy. I'll see if I can muster some energy for that. 

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