By Freyjad

FF - Anthurium

These aren't my favourite flowers but I do like this green one as opposed to the more usual red and pink.  I haven't been out today but luckily I had a bouquet of flowers from last week so it provided my subject for my FF blip. 

I was on zoom this morning with Deborah and then this afternoon we had a business meeting also on zoom;  the afternoon meeting didn't last too long but two meetings in the same day certainly eats into any free time.

I'd planned to cook roasted cauliflower in turmeric with dhal today, but when I checked that I had the necessary ingredients I found I was out of coconut milk. It's not a recipe I often use but I'm in the mood for something a bit different so it looks like I'll have to go do a mini shop tomorrow.

Many thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a good weekend.

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