Capital adventures

By marchmont

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Oh, is getting so much harder to get out of bed (at 7.58 am) as the mornings darken. I feel the shorter days start to affect me from mid October and that lasts till March. Maybe it's SAD related. However, despite the wind I cycled to the pool and braved the choppy water because of the speedy swimmers in the fast lane.

Home for a Zoom meeting and then various bits and bobs inc a long call to J and the laundry Later I took the cat flap apart ( and put it back together again) to see if I could sort its locking aberration. In the middle Y phoned, which was v welcome.

Willow is getting v friendly and the squirrels are still in control of the garden, and the peanuts.

Tonight it's the Community Council, wine will be consumed, after (or during?).

Edit: our next meeting is 25 January. The second half of the haggis will be defrosted for that evening and a toast to the Immortal Memory.

F2F - 4
Phone calls - 3
Virtual - 2

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