An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Early to bed...

Ha!  Not me, Lola!

We were chatting on the laptop to friends Keith and Mairi and using the sofa cushions (including Lola's) to prop ourselves and the laptop up.  Lola stood for a moment or two, clearly perplexed that we'd commandeered all the cushions.  

When we finished our conversation (part of which covered Keith's amazing bread that he made last week that I am going to have a go at! :-) we found Lola like this.  Not being able to get access to her favourite cushions, she'd taken herself to her bed, dragged one of her blankets through and fashioned it into a makeshift pillow!  So cute!  :-))

Day three and we are still putting up Christmas Decs!  Tomorrow should see the job complete.  I really must blip Alan's room!  The massive inflatable Santa gives me a fright every time I walk past the room as I think someone is standing in there!  

Managed to get two Christmas gifts wrapped today, both of them to be posted so I'm glad that job is done  Wrote some family Christmas cards too.  Had planned to write more tonight but I started reading Sharon's book last night and want to get back to it.  Forced myself to put it down at 3am!  Loving it.  

She did warm me that it's dark and she didn't lie...and it's just about to get much darker!  I've set the alarm on my phone for an hour from now as I suspect I would just keep reading all night till I got to the end.  

Thank you for all your lovely comments about it on yesterday's blip :-)

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