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Seeing through Covid eyes

Another willing victim volunteer!

Julie and I met for a late morning amble in Crow Wood. I was too sore to go far, but it was lovely to chat and greet the occasional dog walker on our way. (That included my friend Christine's husband, Kevin, with their two. I was very impressed by the behaviour of their puppy.)

Julie was happy to be photographed. We did some with and some without the sunglasses.

This afternoon I saw Jani, the physio. She worked on me solidly for an hour, gradually releasing my stiff back and my leg. My knee feels a lot better, but I needed a lie down when I came home. It was exhausting! We have a plan for things to do to try to release the spasm in the muscles. We are both hoping that a steriod jab will be included in the mix to move things forward more speedily.

Tonight I was at an RPS Zoom meeting seeing the work of Steve Smith. He has two fellowships with the organisation and we saw his travel panel from Cuba. It was great to be transported back to the wonderful holiday I had there a few years ago.

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