By Teasel

Goat Trail

TT made sure I was awake before he headed off to work, telling me we had a couple of inches of snow and had had thunder during the night – thunder snow – which I had slept through.  It was a day for staying indoors.  I had to log on to finish a couple of things, which I was quite happy to do in my pjs.  I did have to tell a colleague I wasn’t really there and that I wouldn’t be on the 9.30am daily call.  In fact I logged off just after 9am, so all good.  I pottered until it was time to go and meet a friend.  The snow was turning to slush, but amazingly the Council had cleared our pavement.  I was very surprised as they never salt or clear our pavement, so surprised and delighted.
We had a lovely catch up over a lovely cheese scone (me) and a breakfast (her).  I was quite envious of the breakfast, but I knew I was having a nice lunch later, so couldn’t have eaten both.  We went our separate ways.  I did some shopping and picked up our lunch and raced home as I knew BB would be locked out.  As I was getting near home it started to rain and I met BB who had come to find me.  We both enjoyed our lunches.
Neither of us left the house for the rest of the day as the weather was hideous.  I did a few jobs and tidies up and had a long chat with my brother as we are still trying to sort some things out for our parents.  We had burgers for tea, meat for them, veggie for me.  BB asked for a second burger – they were massive!!!
Later BB watched Home Alone, I had a quick Zoom call with some friends and TT had his usual Friday night whisky Zoom, but I don’t think much whisky was drunk tonight.
We have a goat trail in town.  This one is Seasons Under the Sun (Billy) and is in the café we went to this morning.

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