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By Sallymair

80% success rate

After a bad night I was glad to make it up in time to go to church this morning. I shall be so glad when this knee is fixed!

I came home and after a quick lunch set out the table to write the cards. This is the third lot to be posted, I'm on the home run now and will definitely finish tomorrow. I had to pop out to pick up some more cards as I had run out and was astounded when I went into the post office to find they still had some Christmas stamps left.

I finally managed to contact the man who does some of the high pruning in our garden for us, I thought he'd maybe given up, but no. Not sure when he'll get here but I'm so glad to have made contact with him. Good workmen are worth their weight in gold.

We watched the most recent episode of HDM followed by an episode of Scots Squad for light relief. Tomorrow's task is to finish the cards and, perhaps, put up the tree. It's been in the garden for almost 2 weeks.

I had to tell Zoe today that I seem to have a cold! How do you catch a cold when you never see anybody?

K had her covid vaccination today. Three weeks from today is 30th December so I guess I won't get a New Year hug, but soon after. I can't wait!

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