By andrewmowat

Quarantine Day 11 - Nine Years Blipping

For the first time, I have managed to blip everyday for a year.

This is one of the murals that are popping up over the city. It was taken by Karen as I'm still locked up.

What a year it has been. I spent most of it in lockdown in Saudi (for 8 months), half of it was working from the apartment; a pool and sunshine helped. We also got to explore the mountains of Saudi in August.

I missed Calum learning to drive, passing his test, passing his A-levels, then off to University of Stirling. After two months we let him come back to Abu Dhabi to distance learn as he was spending all his time cooped up in a 3x2m room, with no face to face learning.

Karen, has been remarkable; when the schools started distance learning in March, she had to work from home with no interaction for months. At one time she had to spend almost a month in quarantine. She had to put her 'baby' on a plane to start his new life. We decided to stay in Abu Dhabi, while I continue to work in Riyadh. Karen has found us a lovely apartment near her school in the heart of the city.

We are all at home for Christmas, I still have a few days left of quarantine, but grateful we are all still working/studying and able to spend the holiday together.

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