Everyday Life

By Julez

In The Morning

is today's prompt so I set off out around 9 AM. It was drizzling when I left the house, turning into proper rain by the time I reached the park so I did not stay out for too long. I took a few shots of ducks, drying my camera regularly as I went. I noticed that the lion had been decorated with red tinsel so I took a few photos of him, including this with the Select Red filter of my camera. By this time the rain was coming down quite fast so I did not hang around much longer.

Once home I ate breakfast and wrote the weeks shopping list. Brian is off again today, using up the last of his annual holiday entitlement so we set off to Tesco. We progressed slowly along the queue to go in, and once inside it was pretty crazy. People were complaining but it is inevitable i guess - what with the usual rush to buy enough stuff for a month that always happens at this time of year and people rushing to stockpile due to Europe shutting its borders to us and "our" new Covid strain. 

We will take our chances - we just bought the Christmas veg, a few festive treats and a normal weeks' shop, though I think this time the threat of shortages of certain items may be a bit more real.

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