The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Today I attempted flower arranging

(I never said I could do photography in the dark, though, on a phone!)

I wanted to make some glamorous flowers for the house, but all we had was a bunch of mixed colour roses, not best quality ( First world problems, I know! I got a taste for fancy flowers in 2018/19 when I used to buy ex-supermarket bouquets at knockdown prices, but the lady who ran the scheme is probably not doing it at present because of you-know-what. Steve and I also sold cards at two flower arrangers' fairs last year, and I witnessed an extraordinary demonstration by a very talented man, Stuart Somebody).

Had to go to pub/corner shop for satsumas, so I took the secateurs and went up to the cemetery afterwards to seek out  a few sprigs of variegated holly, ivy, berries and other winter foliage. The rain  was tipping down, but I enjoyed being out, and was able to combine the foliage with the roses when I got home, eventually making four arrangements, one for every room, almost! While this was going on I was also defrosting the freezer, because the emergency light had been on for weeks,  I suddenly realised. When the freezer was almost done, I sorted out a ready meal. Made two duty phone calls. After all this, and supper, and the super-cobweb-cleaning  I had done earlier, I was knackered!

Since 9pm I have been relaxing on the sofa. It's too deep for me, I keep sliding away. Parts of our town are now flooding. Fortunately we live on a hill. Oh, and we are going into tier three from Boxing day. Too little, too late.

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