Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

An Immigrant's Tale - 2

I had other ideas today, but I was drawn to the letters to and from Willy and when I found this one, I knew it had to be my blip for today.

This was written by my MIL to her brother who was in the Army.  She was, I believe, 14 years old.  You will notice that it was written on this day, 24 December, in the year 1943. Less than a year later, he would be gone.  As best as I can, I will transcribe it below.

Hubs and I are doing some cooking today in preparation for Christmas tomorrow.  He is making lasagna and I have a bowl of no-knead bread rising and some brussels sprouts to be de-stemmed.  Bestie Ellen will be joining us which will make the day special.

This morning I got a ding from one of my birder friends wanting to know if I wanted to meet up for a walk.  We enjoyed a brisk 2 mile walk and even managed to see quite a few birds, including one bald eagle.  And it was very nice to get out.

And now for the letter...

Hello Willy,
Received your letter today, and glad to hear you passed your test.  Keep up the good work.  Well, it's Christmas Eve, about 6 o'clock.  I have to iron a few things for tomorrow.  It really doesn't seem like Christmas, tho without you home.  We got a tree - it's kinda small tho.  It is a table tree.  But I guess it'll have to do.

What you said about Carmine is true.  He's home.  I was there when he came, but by the time you get this letter he'll be back.  He has to leave Christmas night.  Gee, he really looks swell.

Yesterday I went to NYC for Pop.  From there we went into all the big department stores, and today I was really busy cleaning the house.  It's as neat as a pin.

Well, I'll close now.  I have some more work to do.  Regards from all.  And I hope you had a merry Christmas.

And I'll leave you with this...stay safe, be kind, and treat yourself so something yummy.


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