Northern Star

By Lifferz

Wet and Windy

Decided that despite bad weather I was going to get out of the house for a reviving walk.

I’d not slept super well as I felt rather ‘buzzy’ from eating some Christmas Day Quality Street (after lots of food, lots of red wine and lots of sugary sweet foods like glazed carrots and cranberry sauce). I was awake between about 4-6am, very unusual for me. Wonderfully I fell into a deep sleep at 6 and didn’t move again till about 11am - luxury!

When I announced I was going for a walk in very poor weather I suddenly, and very surprisingly, had two willing volunteers to accompany me. Managed to walk nearly 5 miles and took a slight diversion to explore a very old churchyard on the way back, it was rather pretty and gothic looking.

The main blip shows Tom Long’s Post on the horizon. There were a few walkers on the common today but hardly any compared to previous years. MrH and his brother are standing close to the post. I think I blipped this image on New Year’s Day a year or two ago after a solo walk.

Walking back discovered part of a tow path is completely blocked by floodwater. I’ve never seen it so bad. With storm Bella on its way tonight I wonder what the area will look like in the morning.

My body and spirit felt refreshed and revived after the walk - definitely a good choice.

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