Boxing Day walk

To West Runton beach. We look very wrapped up, but it wasn't actually that cold. When we walk on the beach it is never a family walk where we wander along together, because I stop to pick up most stones, and noone else does. Jon doesn't ever pick up anything. Neither does Daniel. Mollie stops to take photos, and only Henry picks things up. We are alike in many ways, much to his dismay I think! Today I was pleased to find an unused dog poo bag in my pocket, and was able to collect a variety of pretty stones, plus one small belemnite. As West Runton is famous as the place where a fossilised mammoth was found, I'm always hopeful of finding an exciting fossil. I walk permanently looking at the ground anyway, so one day I will!

We walked back to the car and once home settled with a big all day buffet and a nice open fire;the first of this Christmas.

Then a bit of a doze, some tv, and now Mollie and I are still trying to complete an excellent puzzle donated at the start of lockdown by blip friend Bom, who lives close to me. It is the one of London. We love it,but it is challenging us.

I asked the children what they think of when they think of Papa. I'd like a few words for the order of service. Mollie immediately said 'his hugs'. I think that really sums him up. He was a man of few words, and especially not sentimental ones, but his hugs really did feel meaningful. He hugged like it mattered, because it always did. Tight and bear like. My last hug with him was about 4 weeks ago, passing on the landing, as he shuffled back to bed.

We will all miss those hugs.

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