Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Remembering OG

I'm breaking the rules here - apologies.

As many of you will know, I spent an afternoon with OG every week for 4 years.  I got to know him just after his wife died.  Housebound, he lived alone (though with a very caring daughter on call) and was 100% blind - 'black blind' I believe they call it.  He died in the early hours of 29th December last year.

So you might think if I was going to break the rules I should have used this photo tomorrow, but 29th December was also my mum's birthday, and I find it difficult, memories of the two events clashing.  Also I prefer to celebrate the last full day of OG's life.  He was always kind and good humoured, you could always make him laugh.

We took this image (he was fully involved) while he was sitting in his wheelchair in the hall by the front door of his house.  It was 18th May 2017 and we were waiting for transport to take us to the Blind Veterans UK annual lunch in the New Forest.  That's why he's wearing his smart jacket, St Dunstans tie and the poppy and medallion by his buttonhole.

I still miss him, but as things turn out I'm so very glad he didn't have to live through the anxiety, misery and isolation of 2020.

Go it, OG!

And that's it for me today.  For once I didn't even poke my nose outside.  It was raining big blobs of slush when I woke up and it hasn't been much better since, so I've done the ironing, polished the (so-called) silver and put away some of the extraneous Christmas clutter - though of course not the decs.  My last job tonight will be finishing the enormous bottle of Baileys we were most kindly given.

Keep safe and happy, lovely blipfriends xx

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