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By Damnonii

Photography Challenge Day 1

Self Portrait

A friend set me a 28 day photography challenge on Facebook this morning.  It's not normally my thing but I have been in the photography doldrums for months so decided to give it a go.  If nothing else it will give me the chance to test my new phone camera although looking at the challenge subjects, I suspect I will use the Canon as well.  

I had a very late night last night.  Light off at 4am!  Woke just after 7am.  Got up and pottered for an hour but realised I was still really tired so went back to bed and slept till 11.50am!  I couldn't believe it.  Half the day gone.  I hate that!  Tonight I will attempt sleep much earlier, even if I don't feel tired.  Either way I have a early rise tomorrow as the pool is fixed so I can start my hydrotherapy again.  That should hopefully tire me out and re-establish the improved sleep pattern I had just started to enjoy.

As tends to be the case when half the day is gone, not much else was achieved.  Haven't even picked up my crochet hook.  Did a tiny bit of painting, nothing much and not worth sharing.  I did cook a lovely dinner of sirloin steak with Diane sauce.  The last of our "official" festive dining.  Back to auld claes and porridge tomorrow :-))

If any of you are interested in joining the photography challenge, here it is...

Day 1. Self portrait
Day 2. A random activity you did today
Day 3. Clouds
Day 4. Something pink
Day 5. Anything from up high
Day 6. Earth
Day 7. Someone you love
Day 8. Technology
Day 9. A screen shot
Day 10. Anything from a low angle
Day 11. Fire
Day 12. Your breakfast
Day 13. Wind
Day 14. Something blue
Day 15. Your outfit today
Day 16. A hot beverage
Day 17. The weather
Day 18. Something orange
Day 19. Your lunch
Day 20. Water
Day 21. Your hair today
Day 22. SomeTHING you can’t live without
Day 23. Flower
Day 24. A cold beverage
Day 25. A book you’re reading
Day 26. Your dinner (tea)
Day 27. Animal
Day 28. A self portrait

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