By Teasel

Second Sunset of 2021

We awoke to another dusting of snow. I really have lost all track of time and days, and had to keep asking what day it was.  I did some jigsaw and baked an apple cake.  Late morning TT and I went for a walk.  A route we did earlier in the week, but in the opposite direction, taking in Letham Mains, Clerkington and Lennoxlove. We walked back though town and spotted that a well-known bakers was open.  We stopped and bought some things for a late lunch, before picking a few things for tea up from the supermarket.  BB couldn’t believe his luck (!) when his lunch was presented!!
Later TT made homemade pizza for tea, and then had a Zoom call with friends.  Having had a headache all day, I spent the evening on the sofa and having never watched it before, I started watching The Crown.
Another day, another sunset. 

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